Creative Products

Creative Products

By Gigi F

Creative Products

Our products are so versatile we struggle to showcase just how many different things you can do with our phenomenal selection. So, we've detailed a few below just to give you some ideas. 

1. Our round glasses make amazing votives. Pop a candle in there and watch them glow! 

2. Our carafes make incredible vases. Chic and delicate, add your favorite bloom and watch a smile come to your face. 

3. Our Senegalese bowls and trays make amazing wall decor! They're light, big, and oh, so cool in any space in your home! 

4. Nesting laundry baskets are our favorite for versatility. Use the smallest for dog toys, the medium for blankets, and the XL for your hamper. 

5. Our small bowls and baskets make the perfect jewelry and valuable holder, baby pot for a succulent, or even spice dish. 


6. Plant something in our beautiful Dakar basket. Stick the plastic liner straight in and enjoy the aesthetics of the coolest pot, ever! 


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